Dry January with the Lower My Drinking app

The idea of #DryJanuary is to pull back from the potential overindulgence of the Christmas period. Taking part in the challenge and potentially raising some money for charity could be a great gateway to making small changes to your habits and patterns permanently over time. Small changes can actually make a big difference in the long run; The Lower My Drinking app can empower you to make these changes and see how the benefits are positively impacting your life.

Whether you’ve noticed you’re drinking more, or just want to see how your health could be benefited by reducing how many drinks you have at the weekend, the Lower My Drinking app shows the issues that could potentially cause someone to drink more than is healthy for them. The Lower My Drinking App gives a set of proven skills that can be used to address these.

Specifically, these skills will –
• Change how an individual thinks about alcohol and the role it plays in their life
• Anticipate situations that may tempt someone to drink too much, and plan how they will limit their drinking when they get there
• Help the person to stay calm and relaxed in any situation without having a drink
• Replace drinking in a daily routine with positive activities that will feel good
• Manage any impulses to drink at the wrong time or in the wrong place by using a mindfulness technique
• Improve lifestyles and boost overall physical and emotional wellbeing

The Lower My Drinking campaign is commissioned by the Champs Public Health
to assist people across Cheshire and Merseyside in managing
their drinking. The app is free to download and use for anyone who lives or works in Cheshire and Merseyside (access is by postcode).

Good luck to our colleague from Reablement and High Intensity Use of Services, Gina, taking part in #dryjanuary2023 and #REDJanuary2023 this year too!

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