Fairy Stories – a creative storytelling project for Sefton

Fairy Stories is a community project, funded by Living Well Sefton, for local residents and organisations looking at improving mental health and wellbeing. 

Big Love Sista is a group of artists from Sefton who run an innovative creative arts project and they are excited to invite participants who live in Sefton 18+ (or younger if part of an organisation or group) to explore some classic fairy stories and what they could mean in these strange times.

Clare Beloved explains: “We will be exploring how you can tell your own story in a range of different, creative ways inspired by fairytales and the landscape you live in and the backdrop of Sefton.

“We welcome enquiries from organisations who have a group who would like to take part or who would like to refer people and also individuals are welcome to self refer and join.

“We would love to gather a diverse mix of participants from across Sefton.”

For more information and details on how to join in the project, visit Clare Beloved Sefton Fairy Tales

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