Can you help keep Sefton’s air clean?

As part of its 2030 Vision, Sefton Council is committed to maintaining a clean, green and beautiful borough. This pledge encourages everybody to work together to keep Sefton clean and green, with a commitment to recycling, low pollution and better air quality.

As part of this assurance, the Council has put an action plan in place to help minimise the impact of air pollution across the borough.

However, there are also things that residents can do to help improve air quality in their area and in preparation for National Clean Air Day (June 21), the council is asking the public to pledge to make a small change to help reduce pollution. By undertaking these small changes, everybody can work together to keep Sefton’s air clean.

Try alternative travel
Did you know that 55% of car journeys are less than five miles? Many of these journeys could easily be walked, or made by bike or public transport. By reducing the number of journeys made using a car, you could make a real impact on the air quality in your area. Sefton Council’s Active Travel programme promotes different ways you can get around the borough. Find out more at

Share your journey
When two or more people share a car and travel together, it allows more people to benefit from the convenience of a car, shares travel costs and ultimately reduces congestion and air pollution. There are car sharing websites available online or you could consider starting a car sharing club in your work place.

Become an eco-driver
Many drivers pick up bad habits after years on the road, but making a few small changes will not only save you money in reduced fuel costs, but will also reduce emissions of air pollutants and impact on climate change. Small changes include reducing the use of air conditioning; avoiding unnecessary idling of your car engine; avoiding sharp acceleration and harsh braking; and shifting into a higher gear as soon as possible.Make-a-pledge-300x158

Change up your engine
Consider purchasing a lower emissions, hybrid or electric vehicle. These vehicles are less damaging to the environment than those with diesel engines or with a high fuel consumption.

Think about what you’re burning
It’s not just vehicles that can be damaging to air quality, but things like burning garden waste and wood can also have a negative impact on air quality and public health. Burning garden waste is not only a nuisance to your neighbours but also releases pollutants into the atmosphere. While solid fuels such as wood, wood chips and pellets are renewable fuels with lower carbon dioxide emissions than gas, coal or electricity, they still emit pollutants like nitrogen oxide and particulates.

Cllr Ian Moncur, Sefton Council’s Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing, said: “Air pollution can have a poor effect on public health, particularly for residents with existing lung conditions. For this reason, it is so important for us to all work together to make changes that can keep Sefton clean and green.”

Cllr Paulette Lapin, Sefton Council’s Cabinet Member for Regulation and Compliance, added: “It’s easy for people to fall into habits like driving to the corner shop or leaving the engine on while waiting to pick up a friend, but it’s important to remember that these habits are having a detrimental effect on our environment. By making small changes to this behaviour and considering alternative ways of travel, the public can make a real difference to air quality across the borough.”

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