Working Voice campaign launched

Healthwatch Sefton is launching a campaign to encourage more people who work to speak up about these services and to also become members.

Working Voice aims to highlight the importance for people of a working age to be listened to when it comes to sharing feedback on using NHS health and care services.

Diane Blair, Manager of Healthwatch Sefton, explained: “Think of us as the health and care equivalent of TripAdvisor. Passing on feedback helps the people who run these services know what is working well and what could improve. All feedback is anonymous.

“Everyone uses NHS health and social care services at some point, even those within the NHS itself, and working-age people need to know their views count and sharing them will make a difference.”

Receive regular newsletters as a member

The campaign is also encouraging workers to becoming a Healthwatch Sefton member. Diane commented that it is free and there is no obligation.

“Members can take part in consultations because, as a critical friend of NHS services, Healthwatch Sefton is often called upon to help service providers engage with their clients to find out what they think of existing services and comment on any proposed changes,” added Diane.

Members can also make use of the free signposting and information service as well as the Independent Complaints Advocacy service, which is there for when the standard of NHS treatment or care has fallen short and a complaint needs to be made.

To become a Healthwatch Sefton member simply go to the website.

Or you can join by calling Freephone 0800 206 1304 and talk to the team.

Diane added: “Even if you don’t want to become a member you can still help the NHS by sharing your experience via the feedback centre on our website.”

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