Are you okay with your mental health?

Sean’s Place is a community interest company who provide a wide range of activities to support the emotional and mental wellbeing of men in Sefton.

All sessions at Sean’s Place have been chosen due to their ability to improve confidence and self-esteem, whilst reducing symptoms of stress and anxiety. Some of their activities include:

  • Sunday 6pm-8pm- Mental health and wellbeing workshops
  • Monday 6pm-8pm- Fishing Group
  • Tuesday 1pm-2.30pm- Art/Woodwork/cookery
  • Tuesday 6pm-7.30pm Guitar Lessons/ Cookery
  • Thursday 7.30pm-8.30pm Online Mindfulness class
  • Friday 7pm-8pm Fitness and Thai Boxing class

One user said: “I am a support worker and I get to see first-hand the difference and joy Sean’s Place bring to people. From dropping boxes of ingredient’s off to cook things or face-timing them for a chat to see how they are doing, they are absolute superstars.”

“It’s a lovely warm place and gets me out meeting new people, there is always something new to learn.”

For further information go to

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