South Sefton patients positive about GPs

Results from the latest national GP Patient Survey published by NHS England last week show that patients in south Sefton overall are positive about the care they receive from their GP practice.

This survey provides insight into patients’ experiences of general practice in the period prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Headline findings in the area are all above the national average:

  • 87% of patients said that in their last appointment they felt that the healthcare professional recognised and/or understood any mental health needs that they might have had
  • 83% of patients would describe their experience of their GP practice as ‘good’
  • 78% of patients felt that over the past 12 months they had enough support from local services and organisations to help manage conditions
  • When asked how helpful patients found the receptionist at their GP practice 90% of patients said they were helpful.

Dr Craig Gillespie, chair of NHS South Sefton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), said: “Whilst we know there are more improvements to make, it’s brilliant that the majority of patients in the area feel that their mental health needs were recognised or understood in their last appointment and most patients rated their GP practice as ‘good’. The introduction of GP Extra, which provides people with access to a GP 7 days a week, is a good example of how we are working with partners to improve services locally.

“Although you may be accessing services a little differently at the moment during the pandemic, it’s important that people know the NHS is here to support you. GP practices are providing telephone or video consultations, people will be asked to wear a face-covering if attending an appointment in person and strict infection control procedures are in place to ensure the safety of patients and staff.”

To view the results from the national GP Patient Survey, visit: For more information about the GP Extra service, visit:

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