Take five for your wellbeing

Throughout this Mental Health Awareness Week we have been sharing what we do to look after our mental wellbeing following the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’.

The week may be coming to an end but we can still carry on using the five ways. Consider them a part of your wellbeing toolkit.

Watch Rachael, one of our fabulous social prescribing link workers, talk about how she takes notice which is one of the five ways.

However, as everyone is following social distancing guidelines they have been amended to reflect this and you can read them below.

CONNECT – Although we cannot be as close to people as we may like, we can still connect in many ways. Video calling is a great way to be able to see each other’s face and a telephone call can help us keep in touch with those we miss. You can also make CONNECTING fun and go back to the days when we had pen pals, writing letters, making cards to send to each other and putting messages in your window to say hi to friends and neighbours even if you can’t speak to them. The government advice has recently been updated which allows you to meet up with one person in a public place if you have not been told to shield due to a health condition. Remember to keep to the ‘social distance’ of two metres when posting letters and wash your hands when you come back home.

BE ACTIVE  –You don’t have to go outside to be active. Being active can be done at home. During ad breaks of our favourite shows, see how many star jumps, press ups or squats you can do. If you can’t manage that, you can always march on the spot for as long as you can, getting the arms and legs moving, will get the blood pumping. Housework is another way of being active and the extra time on our hands at home may be the perfect chance to organise the cupboards or clothing storage you have been putting off. Why not put on some uplifting music and get a rhythm going to your cleaning or even have a dance around the living room? Exercising makes you feel good. Most importantly, discover a physical activity you enjoy and that suits your level of mobility and fitness.

TAKE NOTICE  –  Spending more time at home can help us take notice of the things we may miss in our busy lives. Try looking at things differently, notice the changing seasons, how the trees move in the wind. You may want to walk to your local park and take in the scenery. Catch sight of the beautiful and remark on the unusual. Appreciate the moment, whether you are eating lunch, or talking with friends, or catching up with neighbours on a Thursday when out Clapping for our Heroes.

KEEP LEARNING  – You may have always wanted to learn a new hobby such as knitting or cooking but been short of time. Why not search the internet for online videos that can help you reach your goal of rediscovering an old interest, learn how to fix a bike or play an instrument. Or, if you prefer, you could order yourself a self help book. Set a challenge you will enjoy achieving. As well as being fun, learning new things will make you more confident

GIVE – You may want to give back to your local community and one way to do this is donate some essential supplies to a local foodbank. Or you may even just give your time to somebody who needs some reassurance through a friendly chat by telephone, video call, a letter or card to let them know you are thinking of them. We can also give thanks, rainbow messages and applause on a Thursday for our key workers!

Remember to stay safe, look out for each other, socially distance and wash your hands regularly!

For further assistance and support for emotional wellbeing, health and fitness support, food supplies or general support please contact the Living Well Sefton Team on 0300 323 0181 or visit www.livingwellsefton.org.uk



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