VCF sector survey for groups and organisations

Sefton Council for Voluntary Service (CVS) has recognised the amazing work being done in the VCF sector during this very difficult and testing time. Its commitment to support the sector will continue past the COVID 19 pandemic and will look at the future recovery phase.

To understand the impact on the local VCF sector, Sefton CVS is undertaking a local survey (which is being done by each CVS in the City Region), to build a clear picture of what you are doing, the pressures you are facing as a result and what you think would help your organisation.

This isn’t just about this moment in time, Sefton CVS is also looking at how the VCF sector can be future proofed so that afterwards the sector is as resilient as possible as the recovery phase is considered.  This information can then be fed into Sefton Council, the CCGs, the Liverpool City Region structures and grant makers, to aid their planning and implementation in response to and following the COVID 19 crisis and have a clearer understanding of the issues facing the VCF sector and those that are supported by Sefton CVS.

People are encouraged to complete this short questionnaire:

The deadline for completion of the survey is 12pm on Monday 11th May.

Responses will be assembled and it is intended an online seminar will be held once the survey results have been analysed. ​


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