Quit 16 – share your story about quitting smoking

This June 2019, the NHS Northern Cancer Alliance will be launching a Health Harms campaign across the North of England called Quit 16 to encourage smokers in the region to make a quit attempt.

The campaign will aim to raise awareness of the links between smoking and 16 types of cancer and will include the story of someone whose life has been affected by a cancer caused by smoking, either themselves or a loved one.

To support this important health campaign, the group would like to invite people to get in touch if they are prepared to share their story publicly in order to encourage smokers to make a quit attempt.

The alliance group realise this would be a brave step but recognise that personal stories of how smoking affects real people can be a powerful trigger for quitting smoking.

For further information please email Hayley Edwards on hayley.edwards5@nhs.net

If you live or work in Sefton and want free support and information to stop smoking then call Smokefree Sefton on 0300 100 1000.


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