Dementia-friendly screenings at the Plaza in 2019

The Plaza’s regular Dementia Friendly screenings will take place on the third Thursday of the month at 2pm with a carefully curated programme blending musicals and classic films, designed to prompt memories and open up conversations about shared experiences.

They will be held in Screen 1, the Plaza’s largest screen, now restored to its former art deco glory, the perfect environment to recreate the experience of going to the pictures. Doors open at the Crosby Road North community cinema at 1.30pm.

January 2019 Thursday 24th 2.00pm
February 2019 Thursday 28th 2.00pm
March 2019 Thursday 21st 2.00pm
April 2019 Thursday 25th 2.00pm
May 2019 Thursday 23rd 2.00pm
June 2019 Thursday 20th 2.00pm
July 2019 Thursday 11th 2.00pm
September 2019 Thursday 26th 2.00pm
October 2019 Thursday 17th 2.00pm
November 2019 Thursday 21st 2.00pm
December 2019 Thursday 12th 2.00pm

For further information about these specialist screenings please contact Christine Physick on 0151 928 1530 or email;

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