Invite for veterans to drop in for support

Veterans in Sefton invites former military personnel, reservists and their families to attend its ‘Holistic Support’ Drop In held each Thursday from 10am to 4pm.

Held at the Strand By Me Community Shop in Bootle, the drop in provides counselling, meditation and a NAAFI Break all rolled into one location.

Significant impact has been achieved by adopting a “helicopter view” of the overall needs of an individual and utilising the existing Veterans in Sefton team, with extensive military experience, who understand the specific mental health needs of veterans and have the knowledge in how to handle the stigma attached to mental health.

Providing early intervention assessment, counselling and alternative therapies, ensures that veterans are guided into the right treatment by the right service while the Veterans in Sefton team continues to provide interim professional counselling therapy and respective emotional scaffolding.

This facility promotes early recovery and reduces mental health detrition and the potential need for critical support/hospitalisation.

Every visitor is encouraged to join in a NAAFI-style chat over a brew and some “stickies”.

A former soldier says: “Three weeks ago I was an emotional wreck. Having the support of ex-military, who understood my issues and provided immediate help, has turned my life around.”

NHS South Sefton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) originally funded Veterans in Sefton with its Voluntary Community and Faith Fund through Sefton CVS and, more recently, the project has received funding from The Royal British Legion. With the assistance of Sefton CVS, the organisation has now been established as an individual charity.

Veterans in Sefton can be found on Facebook or for more information call Steve Calderbank MBACP on 0151 933 0800.

Veterans in Sefton is supporting the ‘30 Days of Sefton in Mind’ Campaign – to spread the word about local services and activities available to people in Sefton to improve their mental health.

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