Friends benefit from life-changing encounter

Client A and Client Z met Paula, a May Logan Centre Living Well Mentor, at a health awareness day at Sefton Carers Centre and, after an initial assessment, it was identified they had issues around poor diet and lifestyle choices.

It was decided that A and Z would benefit from meeting Paula together as the friends spend a lot of time in each other’s company and could hopefully motivate one another to make changes.

It became apparent that both women were consuming large amounts of sugary energy drinks.  The reasons for the high intake and the negative effects on health were discussed.  Paula advised a gradual reduction to avoid any potential side effects.  The women were also advised to start keeping a food diary.  Paula encouraged them to be honest and made it clear that she was not there to judge their food choices, only to help them make better ones.

Further appointments worked around any issues that arose from the food diaries.  For example, both women relied on processed convenience foods at mealtimes and especially during weekly hospital appointments.  Paula advised on meal planning, healthier snacks and food labelling.  Some practical cookery sessions helped to put this information into practice.

In total, Z lost in excess of two stones, A lost half a stone and both women reported an increase in confidence levels.  This had a very positive effect on A’s anxiety levels to the point where she was able to go out alone for the first time in three years and so is able to do more with her young daughter.  Both also reported sleeping better.

Paula is happy that she was able to accommodate both women together, believing that this mutual support was instrumental in their combined success.

All Living Well Sefton mentors can offer this level of support. To find out how you could benefit contact 0300 323 0181 or pop in to see any of our partners mentioned here on the website.

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